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i've never had a livejournal before

but i thought i should start somewhere. i have wayy too many blogs as it is, but i really wanted to find a special place for all of my lolita related ramblings, so i thought that livejournal sounded like a good place.

my name is christen.
i go to art school.
i have a terrier named mysty.
and i really enjoy lolita thus far.


cool as a cucumber (not.)

i'm hoping to post all of my reviews, findings, etc. related to lolita on this blog, since i am trying to make my life more organized (though typically failing to do so.) in the future i have lots of lolita related sewing projects that i will also be posting here.

this is my second to last week of school, and i have lots of things to accomplish over the next few days. i'm studying animation, and i go to art school, which essentially means i've been a zombie for the last 3 years, and will be until this time next year. 

as far as lolita is concerned, i am making progress. i've been keeping tabs on things for the last few months while saving up to get a collection started and ease into the whole fashion. with my tax returns i was able to purchase a really nice sewing machine, so i'm sure that as soon as school is over i will be kick starting my wardrobe with that. 

anyways, this is my introduction post! let's be friends! :)
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